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Solos and duos

Soak up the live music scene in Guppies Bar, the venue for Ski Rider’s solo and duo artists. The live program includes a range of music styles to suit all tastes including rock, funk, blues, reggae and classic – stay tuned for our 2017 calendar of events to see who is playing during your snow holiday.

The HP Duo is Steve Hudson and Daniel Pati.

Born to entertain, they can’t help but to delight and excite!

HP Duo

Combining more than 30 years in the music industry across a diversity of styles and audiences, along with formal classical music credentials, these guys are true professionals.

HP has developed their own true sound and style, with an ability to put a unique twist on all songs they perform. They play true classics through to today’s best hits, and love nothing more than having a good time with their audience.

With Huddo on vocals and double bass, and Pati with guitar and vocals, HP infuse classical and contemporary styles to give a performance like no other. Their diverse repertoire can be catered to suit any occasion, perfect for venues, intimate gatherings, or functions alike.  No matter what the event HP can sense a crowd and create an atmosphere, let them entertain your next great night!



Sundays Record are a high energy, pop/rock duo from Newcastle. Their engaging stage presence, catchy melodies and spine tingling harmonies have received a great deal of praise from crowds and journalists alike. The members varied individual influences are well represented in their live cover sets, ranging from John Butler Trio to Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson to Crowded House and The Romantics to The Beatles.

Sundays Record have been performing together for over 6 years and during that time have molded themselves into an extremely versatile act. Along with the full band line up, their stripped back intimate acoustic duo and solo performances are equally as entertaining and engaging. During their 6 years together they have achieved many accolades in the musical community.

Sundays RecordIn 2005 Sundays Record enjoyed a swag of gigs in Newcastle with many high profile local and touring acts appearing on bills with Kid Courageous, Room 24 and James Reyne. Sundays Record, led by singer/guitarist David Gretton, backed by bassist/guitarist Ben Travis have formed a strong musical understanding and uniqueness in their sound. Using techniques such as vocal harmonizing and multi-melodic layering, Sundays Record create an edge in their music that is not found in other act.