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Rebecca has only done one season at Ski Rider as a house wait team member but it is safe to say she has become addicted and can’t wait to start the 2016 season. “It’s not only the snow and the boarding that comes with it but the people that I meet. Everyone gets along so well due to common interests such as enjoying themselves at work and up the hill. By the end of the season it was hard to say goodbye to my new family”.

“The best part about working at Ski Rider was definitely being able to go snowboarding almost every day on my all terrain GNU B-Nice Snowboard. One of my favourite riding areas is definitely Guthega because I don’t get there very often it is always fun to explore new places. Also riding there from Perisher is half the fun”.

One of the best feelings is when it snows (even just a little) and everyone is in a good mood just waiting to get up the hill. “One of my favourite days last season was when we got over 30cm of snowfall overnight so everyone was in such a great mood working the next morning. Even though we were housekeeping in knee deep snow everyone worked quickly and efficiently so we could get up the hill as soon as possible”.

Rebecca says her one tip for a successful season would be to go exploring. “There is always somewhere new to go and fresh tracks to be found”.

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