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Megan has worked at Ski Rider for 3 seasons, wow only 3! “It feels like my home”. Megan originally started in the office as receptionist but as the seasons progressed added bar, waitress and housekeeping to her abilities. “I keep coming back to Ski Rider because of the amazing staff that work there all year round and how they continue to look after me. They all have become great friends, this with a great location and positive atmosphere makes it an awesome place to work”.

“The best aspect about working at Ski Rider is the opportunity to ride the hill almost everyday. Even if you make it up there for just 2-3 hours it is definitely the highlight of my day”.

Megan’s tips for a successful season at Ski Rider would most certainly be, work hard, board/ski hard, party occasionally, sleep often, eat healthy and enjoy the outdoors!

Last season Megan didn’t get to ride the hill, so the best day of the season for her was the safe arrival of her son. “Hopefully this season I will get time to strap on the board and ride some freshies”. Her favourite riding area at Perisher is Guthega, “heading over that way on a powder day is supreme. Even better when I get to go out back country with the boys even though I struggle to keep up. Its always good day for my fitness”!

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