Keep an eye on the Perisher snow forecast, and start thinking about your Perisher ski holiday for winter 2014 now (before everyone else decides to get in on the act). The reasons for having a Perisher ski holiday are many and varied but we’ve managed to narrow it down to just ten. If you’ve never skied before and want to try this awesome sport, or you just need an excuse to don your ski boots this season, check out why you should give it a go!

Here are our top 10 reasons to have a Perisher ski holiday:

1. It’s great fun out on the snow!

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Recharge in the fresh mountain air

Skiing is awesome fun.  Get out in the fresh mountain air, recharge your batteries and invigorate your well-being. Release the stress of daily life and workplace hassles by flying down the snow covered mountains while enjoying your Perisher ski holiday.

There is nothing to compare to the exhilaration you’ll feel when gliding over fresh snow.

2. Skiing is a beneficial exercise

You don’t need to be a doctor to know that a healthy body is linked to a healthy mind. Skiing works the core muscle groups of your body, helps you to improve your balance, posture and increase body strength – it’s the perfect way to exercise during the winter.

Swap the crowded gym for an hour of flying down an open mountain piste. Not only will you get the enjoyment of skiing, you’ll get a first rate total body workout out in the fresh mountain air.

3. Bond with your family and friends

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind. A Perisher ski holiday is the perfect opportunity to leave the work cubicle behind and spend some time having fun.

What better way to bond with friends and family than by enjoying shared experiences? Explore new terrain, challenge each other to take new routes and explore hidden powder fields together.

Of course there are the good times to reminisce about afterwards too – like when your mate bailed out from a failed jump and was covered head to toe in fresh snow!

Whether you are young or old, with your mates or with your kids, it’s hard to find a better way to bond than a trip to Perisher!

4. Travel to a fun destination


Enjoy a nourishing meal at Ski Rider

There are few things more enjoyable than travelling to a mountain ski resort where everyone just wants to have fun. Going on a ski trip means you can leave your worries at home and just concentrate on having a good time on the slopes, because everyone else is too!

It’s also a good chance to leave the pots and pans at home and let someone else do the cooking for a change. Enjoy inclusive meals at our Perisher accommodation before or after a day on the slopes, or try out the many restaurants and cafés for lunches around Perisher Ski Resort. Keep an eye out for the handy on-slope kiosks while you’re skiing at Perisher for a snack or hot chocolate too.

5. Awesome entertainment options

There’s plenty more to a Perisher ski holiday than just skiing and snowboarding. Not only does Ski Rider Hotel offer amazing value Perisher accommodation, we also provide a wide variety of entertainment options for après ski including:

  • trivia nights
  • live music
  • movies
  • a magician
  • and themed parties.

So whether you’re into any of the above , or just want to shoot some pool in the Games Room, the choice is up to you.

6. Meet new people

Meeting new people is always a great experience

Meeting new people is always a great experience

One of the easiest ways to meet new people, is by sharing a common interest. What better way to do that than on the mountain with other like-minded skiers who share the same passion (or in some cases obsession) as you do!

Talk the ear off a stranger on the chairlift and then challenge them to a ride down the mountain – you could end up making a lifelong friend during your Perisher ski holiday.

If you want to increase your skills there are always the veteran riders to chat to as well. They might even show you all the hard to find and hidden parts of the mountain that you haven’t discovered on the trail maps.

7. Explore new terrain

There’s nothing better than finding and exploring new terrain. No matter the time of season, you are bound to find untouched gems that are just waiting for you to come along and explore. If you look hard enough there is always a small patch of powder that everyone else missed that has your name on it.

Exploring Perisher just got easier as well with a brand new chairlift opening this ski season. The Guthega Freedom Chairlift opens up the Guthega area that has, until now, been almost untouched. Explore the former lift line of the old Cow Pastures J Bar all the way to the top of the Blue Cow T Bar. These groomed and off-piste runs are perfect for all levels of skiers to enjoy.

8. Make fresh tracks on the mountainside

It’s been snowing all night and, since Ski Rider is so close to Perisher, you decide to make an early start to take advantage of the fresh, untouched snow. There’s no better feeling than gazing down at a pristine, white slope and then jumping straight into it!

Float down the smooth, snowy white field where you’ll be the first to leave tracks and you are reminded exactly why you came on your Perisher ski holiday in the first place. Enjoy every twist and turn until you find yourself at the bottom of the mountain, ready for another go.

9. Connect with nature

We love to connect with nature when out skiing.  There is nothing better than standing on the top of the mountain and taking in the amazing scenery before shooting down the piste to have some fun. Nothing compares to the feeling of crisp, pure mountain air on your face, it’s unlike anything you will ever experience in the city.

Skiing gives you the opportunity to interact with nature in a way that you simply cannot find in many other activities. You learn to use the natural terrain features to move down the mountain. Find a harmonious flow with the terrain, that gives you a balance where you are at one with the mountain. You’ll find the true value of your Perisher ski holiday once you step back, relax and take in a peaceful moment in your natural surroundings, right before you launch yourself down the mountain!

10. Learn something new


Try something you’ve never done before

Skiing during your Perisher ski holiday provides you the ideal opportunity to learn and experience something new every single time that you are on the mountain. This is true no matter whether you are a complete newbie and require the help of an experienced instructor, or you are a veteran skier who is ready to tackle all the terrain features that Perisher has to offer.

Come stay with us for great Perisher ski holiday deals!

These are just some of the many reasons why you should stay with us this winter for a Perisher snow holiday and give skiing a go. We can’t wait to share your snow adventures with you!

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