We have all seen that one skier on the mountain, seeming to take flight as they hurtle past in superior form and linking perfect turns. How did they get so good, you might wonder? Well, as in any sport, the more you practice the better you get, but there are a few ways to quickly improve your skill level.

1. Increase your speed


Pick up the pace

Speed and skiing go hand in hand but you’ve got to work on your technique before you pick up the pace, or you could risk injury.  The key to becoming comfortable with speed is learning how to carve through each turn. When you’re confident in your ability to connect powerful turns you’ll be able to go faster.

Here’s how the pros do it:

  1. Keep your knees bent
  2. Stay over your centre
  3. Power through each turn
  4. Keep yourself in a low stance

Tuck your body and keep your legs flexed while leaning slightly downhill. The subtle shifting of your weight forward will allow gravity to pull you downhill and your good stance will keep any wind buffeting at a minimum.

Try to link these fast turns at a speed that feels comfortable but still pushes your limits. Eventually, you will find yourself connecting good turns faster and faster as the day progresses.

2. Tackle More Difficult Terrain


Improve your skills on more challenging trails

If you really want to improve your skiing, challenge yourself with more difficult runs offered on your Perisher lift ticket. Take a few warm up runs on slopes that you are comfortable with and work on linking good powerful turns. After you have built up some confidence and your muscles are warm, move up to a more advanced run.

Start out on a run that still has a nice wide open groomed slope. The increased steepness of the terrain will feel a little challenging at first. Work on pushing through your turns as you increase your speed.

Make a few powerful turns and then bring yourself to a stop on the side of the run. Continue this process of linking good turns, driving through your edges and stopping all the way down to the bottom.

Take another run on the same trail and double the amount of turns you link before you stop. Stopping will help keep you in control and build your confidence on the more advanced runs. Eventually, you will be linking good turns consistently down runs that previously seemed intimidating.

3. Practise skiing with only one ski

Skiing on one ski is one of the ways that elite level skiers improve their balance and edge control. Start on a relatively easy slope for you to handle. As you begin to move downhill, lift one leg off the ground. Focus on keeping your weight centred over your ski and keep your leg bent with proper form.

Practice linking turns as you would with both skis on the snow. Plant your poles to turn but do not use them for extra balance. You will really start to feel the inside and outside edge of each ski as you complete this exercise.

This video demonstrates how it’s done:

4. Have a 1 day ski lesson

Ski instructors are trained in teaching techniques to help skiers of all levels improve. They will provide you with some valuable feedback on your technique and you will have the benefit of a more experienced person to ride with and explore a variety of terrain.

Perisher offers a Max6 Lift & Lesson which includes an unrestricted Perisher lift ticket and a two hour lesson with a maximum class of six people. You can buy a 1 day Max6 Lift & Lesson ticket on check-in at Ski Rider or pre-book this Perisher lift ticket & lesson for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days duration. If you already have a Perisher lift ticket, you can also purchase a Max6 Lesson add-on from Ski Rider reception.

Ready to practice at Perisher?

We hope that these tips will help you improve your skiing when you’re on the slopes at Perisher. Contact us now to arrange your next snow holiday or to get advice from our friendly staff on which trails or Perisher lift tickets and lessons are right for you.