Thinking about having a ski or snowboarding holiday with your mates to make the most of the bumper snowfall at Perisher? Before you hit the road with all your gear, you might want to think about the state of your equipment if it’s been sitting in the garage since last year.

For the DIY types who like to be hands on, the following simple wax and tune tips should get your skis or snowboard in peak condition quick smart. If you haven’t the time, or just want to leave it to the experts, our certified ski and snowboard technicians can do the job for you when you arrive at our Perisher accommodation. 

6 Ski & Board Maintenance Tips

Necessary Tools

To give your skis or snowboard the best tune and hot wax possible, you are going to need some basic tools. Your initial investment will be relatively cheap and you’ll be gliding down the snow (not sticking to it) as soon as. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Metal file and file guide
  • Diamond (deburring) stone
  • Metal and plastic scraper
  • Base Cleaner (gunk remover)
  • P-Tex Candle
  • Waxing iron
  • Wax
  • Ski vice (optional)

1. Deburr the Edges

After a hard season of skiing or snowboarding on the mountains, your edges will probably have small, jagged burrs in them. If untreated, they can cause your edges to slip out or bite and even throw you off balance. Your deburring stone will help you fix this issue.

  • Take the stone and run it along the bottom and side of your edges until all the imperfections are smoothed away

2. File your Edges

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File your edges for maximum turning ability

Place your file into the file guide and set the desired bevel for your edges. You can do this without a file guide but the guide tool helps make a nice even edge.

  • Start with the base edge first
  • Run the file in one direction from the tip to the tail
  • Make 2 to 3 passes on each side of the base edges
  • Next, turn the ski or snowboard on its side and secure it in a vice (If you do not have a vice, you can simply hold the ski or snowboard in place)
  • Repeat the same process as above running the file tip to tail, making 2 to 3 passes.
  • A test to see if you have a good edge is to run your fingernail perpendicular to the edge and if you get a small shaving off your nail, your edge is ready.
  • Repeat this process until you have done all your edges.

3. Detune the Edges

  • Your skis or snowboard have an area where the edges begin to curve up at the tip and the tail
  • The contact points are about 5-10 cm above
  • Take the metal file and round off the area above and below the contact points so there is no longer a sharp edge

4. Clean the Base

  • Take your base cleaner or gunk remover and put a small amount on a rag or shop towel
  • Wipe the base clean. (The reason for cleaning the base after filing is that you will get all the old wax off your base along with any metal filings left on the base)
  • Allow the cleaner to completely dry before moving on to the next step

5. Fill in any Scratches

  • Take the P-Tex candle and light it until it starts to burn by itself
  • Put the candle a few cm above the scratch and drip the P-Tex into the scratches
  • Blow out the P-Tex candle and allow to dry
  • Once it has dried, use the metal scraper or a razor to remove the excess P-Tex so it is flush and smooth with the base

6. Apply Hot Wax

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Drip the wax and use the iron to smooth it over the base

  • Take the iron and drip the hot wax all over the base
  • Use the iron to smooth out the drips until there is an even covering over the base
  • Allow the wax to completely dry
  • Use the plastic scraper to remove the excess wax until you have a nice, smooth base
  • Use a Scotch Brite pad to smooth  the wax  out even further for the perfect surface

Go Out & Have Fun in the Snow!

Now that you have finished the process, you’re ready to head to Perisher prepared for whatever conditions Mother Nature throws at you.

Contact our team of ski and snowboard experts now to discuss your Perisher accommodation options for your ski or snowboarding holiday.