Winter has arrived and our opening day is just around the corner, so we want you to enjoy our Snowy Mountains accommodation to the fullest. A great way to get the most out of your Perisher snow holiday is to work on perfecting your technique while out on the slopes. Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, these tips will help push yourself to the best of your ability whilst at Perisher Ski Resort.

6 confidence boosting tips to make the most of your Perisher snow holiday:

1. Ensure proper form and technique

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Lessons are a great way to quickly boost skill levels and confidence

Concentrating on your form will allow you to get the most from your equipment and get your money’s worth from your Perisher Lift Ticket. Skiing and snowboarding both have different techniques to help achieve the proper form, and the greatest booster for your confidence would be to take a lesson from a certified instructor.

Lessons at Perisher cover a wide variety of skill levels, from beginner, through to intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders. Beginner Lesson Packages include lift access to up to 30 different lifts on the mountain and include a two hour lesson tailored to your skill level every day at Blue Cow or Smiggin Holes.

Other lesson options include the Perisher Kids Programs (Discovery Kids, Adventure Kids & Explorers) and the Perisher Teens Programs. Adults can learn even more with the Perisher Adult Max6 Lift and Lesson, where you’ll get unrestricted lift access and a maximum of 6 people in each class for more one on one training with your instructor.

2. Start small and work up

One of the greatest feelings is conquering terrain that was previously intimidating. Utilise Perisher’s intermediate runs to refine your ski or snowboard technique before you move on to the more expert level runs.

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Start small and work your way up

The whole point of working on proper body positioning and linking multiple turns is to gain the necessary skills to tackle the terrain. Refining your technique on the easier runs helps to create the necessary muscle memory to advance to the next level.

Start on runs that you can handle and work on your fundamentals until they become easy and you are ready for the next challenge. Never ride beyond your abilities or your Perisher snow trip might involve a ride in an ambulance. There is no rush, and becoming an expert skier or snowboarder takes years of practice. The best part about practice is that it is always fun.

3. Look where you want to go

Perisher Ski Resort has some spectacular views and it’s only natural to want to look around and take in all the sights while skiing and snowboarding. It’s important not to get distracted by the beauty of the area though and always look where you want to go.

Keep your eyes focused down the mountain and try to look three seconds ahead of where you are. Advanced riders aren’t concerned about the snow under their feet, it’s what lies ahead that really matters. Once you start looking at larger portions of the mountain, you’ll find yourself taking routes through different terrain that many other people on the mountain overlook.

4. Take advantage of the chairlift

With all the terrain available on the mountain peaks at Perisher, it can be a little overwhelming. Making choices while on the run can be spontaneous and fun but often there are features that are missed while actively engaged in skiing or snowboarding.

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Use your time on the chairlift to plan out your next run

Time on the chairlift is great to catch up with friends and family and swap stories about your Perisher experience. However, this is also a great time to study the terrain and plan your next run.

Is there an open powder field you want to explore? Maybe that small cliff drop you’ve always wanted to make?

Using your time on the chairlift to explore the terrain is a great way to plan out the best line to hit all the challenging features the mountain has to offer. You have a bird’s eye view to spot potential hazards and see the mountain from a viewpoint not offered at snow level. It is a great way to help you maximise the fun while learning the subtle aspects of the mountain you are riding.

5. Know the Alpine Responsibility Code

There is a certain amount of responsibility placed on every skier or snowboarder who purchases a ski lift ticket. Like every resort worldwide, Perisher has an Alpine Responsibility Code that everyone must take the time to familiarise themselves with before hitting the slopes. Make sure that you follow these key points at all times:

Know and understand the Alpine Responsibility Code

Know and understand the Alpine Responsibility Code

  • Know your ability, always stay in control and be able to stop and avoid other people or objects. It is your responsibility to stay in control on the ground and in the air.
  • Take lessons from professional instructors to learn and progress.
  • Use appropriate protective equipment to minimise the risk of injury.  Helmets are highly recommended for anyone skiing or snowboarding. They are a compulsory requirement for all children’s ski or snowboard lessons.
  • Before using any lift you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely and always use the restraining devices.
  • Observe and obey all signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails or runs.
  • Give way to people below and beside you on the hill. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  • Do not stop where you are not clearly visible from above.
  • Look uphill and give way to others when entering/exiting a trail or starting downhill.
  • Always ensure your equipment is in good condition and use suitable restraining devices to avoid runaway skiing/boarding equipment.
  • Do not ski, board, ride a lift or undertake any other alpine activity if your ability is impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • If you are involved in, or witness an accident or collision, alert Ski Patrol, remain at the scene and identify yourself to the Ski Patrol.
  • Use caution when using electronic devices. Don’t have your music up so loud that you are not aware of your surroundings.

6. Study the Trail Map

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Study the trail maps!

Perisher’s terrain has a lot to offer skiers and snowboarders or all abilities.  Seasoned Perisher veterans and those new to the mountain can benefit from spending time studying the trail map. Just like using the chairlift to scout out new terrain, the trail map is designed to help you maximise your time on the mountain.

The map will be very helpful in planning out what runs you want to enjoy and the lifts that service each of those runs. Do you want to ride amongst the trees? How about trying your luck in the park? The map will be your best resource to find all the great runs that Perisher has to offer.

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