Winter 2013 has definitely been an interesting season.  We’ve seen sun and snow,  temperatures well below freezing with snow all the way down to Jindabyne and  temperatures up into the low teens!  But don’t despair – it may not be over just yet.  The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting some light snowfalls for Tuesday and Friday next week.  Check out our Weather & Cams page for more details.  You can never quite tell what the Australian ski season is going to bring!

So if you haven’t had enough snow action just yet and these forecasts are proving a little too tempting, Ski Rider will be open this winter until 27 September.  There really is enough time to get in another snow holiday for 2013!  Check out our Hot Deals page for some great Spring Specials or Book Online now.  Oh and don’t forget to pack the SPF30+!

Mt P