With school holidays just around the corner, there’s nothing more important than a friendly reminder of the importance of road safety when travelling to the snow.


Just like you, many families are migrating south for the June/July school holidays.  During this busy time on the roads it is vital to concentrate on getting here safely rather than getting here quickly.  Remember to be patient and enjoy your trip.  Check the RTA website or phone their hotline 13 27 01 before leaving home to check on current road conditions or possible delays and follow the below advice:

When driving in snowy or icy conditions it is very different from driving in normal or dry conditions, leave double the normal distance between you and the car in front. Don’t break hard and avoid sharp steering movements: stopping on icy roads takes a lot longer. The speed limit in many areas of Kosciuszko National Park is reduced to 80 km/h during winter.  GO SLOWLY and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! 

Motorists are legally required to carry properly fitting chains in any vehicle other than 4WD’s within the Kosciuszko National Park between the June and October long weekends and must be hired at your own expense. Pick up your snow chains at a service station on your way to Ski Rider and if you have not had any experience fitting snow chains then ensure you are shown how to fit the chains to your vehicle before you head up the mountain. Approximate charges are $35 for a 2 day hire and $45 for a 5 day hire.

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