Solos and Duos

Soak up the live music scene

Soak up the live music scene in Guppies Bar, the venue for Ski Rider’s solo and duo artists. The live program includes a range of music styles to suit all tastes including rock, funk, blues, reggae and classic – stay tuned for our 2020 calendar of events to see who is playing during your snow holiday

The Alias Duo

With their ability to be flexible and versatile, a commitment to entertaining the crowd, having fun and keeping the people dancing, Alias is able to give audiences their best night out. The duo’s playlist is a carefully constructed collection of songs and anthems that audiences will know and enjoy. Alias Duo’s line-up features two members of the band including Josh Guion (guitar & vocals) and Mitch Seigers (guitar & vocals). These guys are respected around the region as exceptional players and terrific entertainers.

Adrianna Mac Duo

Adrianna Mac is a whole new take on live music! Combining elements of live music and a DJ performance Adrianna Mac is well suited to any occasion. Using their one of a kind, live looping setup inspired by the likes of Ed Sheeran, Jacob Collier and Reggie Watts. Adrianna Mac are able to bring the biggest, baddest and hottest tunes to any performance. Adrianna’s voice is striking and compelling, reaching terrific highs and soulful lows, there is almost nothing she can’t sing. Accompanied by the incredibly talented guitarist, Josh, with his rhythmic and incredibly stylistic playing and integration of electronic loops and beats, they are able to bring out a sound which many artists strive to achieve!

 Adrianna Mac’s repertoire is extensive, diverse and heaps of fun. Drawing from influences such soul, blues, funk, rock and pop. They pull the very best from all of these genres and are able to bring out the best song choice all occasions!

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