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Shopping at Ski Rider

Our onsite store has everything you need to make your Australian ski holidays perfect.

A snow holiday is not complete without a souvenir of your stay. Ski Rider has a great selection of snow domes, snowman soft toys, mugs, stubbie holders and a range of interesting snow souvenirs to take home for your memories or for gifts for friends, family and loved ones.

Most people don’t think about sunscreen in the snow but its a fact that you are more susceptible to sunburn from the glaring rays reflecting off the glistening white snow. Note that its under your chin and around your nose that you will feel the brunt of snow sunburn.

Ski Rider has thought of everything you may have forgotten to bring along on your snow holiday.  We stock the usual essentials including sunscreen, toothbrushes, some chemist items including bandaids and panadol.

Another great item for the snow is a neck warmer which can be the perfect solution to staying warm on a windy day. Ski Rider shop also offers a range of gloves and beanies. A new beanie for a well worn ski suit can spruce up your snow look!

Check out our practical and wide range of essential ski holiday needs and wants!