Meet the Ski Rider Team

Our team is made up of skiers, snowboarders, and snow lovers dedicated to helping you have the best holiday possible!

The Ski Rider Hotel Staff

The Ski Rider Hotel staff are a team of hardworking, snow sports enthusiasts eager to provide you with a memorable skiing or boarding holiday experience leaving you wanting to come back year after year.

Ski Hire Manager
Dave started work at Ski Rider in 2008, skipped 2 seasons so this year will be his 10th season, officially... Read More
Office Staff
Jodie is a local, having lived in the Snowy Mountains for most of her life. She has worked at Ski Rider... Read More
Office Manager
Liz is the Office Manager at Ski Rider and has worked here for the past 20 years. She works here all... Read More
Bonnie has worked at Ski Rider for the past 5 seasons and we hope to see her back for her 6th in 2019!... Read More
Groups Coordinator
Teena initially came to Ski Rider 20 years ago to work a winter season to avoid having to "get a real... Read More
Ski Hire Staff/Maintenance
Originally from the Sunshine Coast, last year was Josh's first season at Ski Rider. His first full... Read More
House/Wait Supervisor
Lauren has already completed 4 seasons at Ski Rider. In 2019 she will be back for her 5th year, and she... Read More
Bar Staff
2019 will be Josh’s third season. He boards on a 156 Monster APO and the best flow bindings out, but thanks to.. Read More
House/Wait Manager
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Shuttle Driver
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Roxanne is the energy behind almost 50 staff. The overall running of the hotel falls on her shoulders, and... Read More
House/Wait Department
Tully’s first season at Ski Rider was in 2016 and he has been back every year since. Tully is a snowboarder at.. Read More
Night Cleaner/House Wait Staff
Dan has completed 5 Winters at Ski Rider and is about to put in a 6th Winter in 2019. Dan is lucky enough to.. Read More
House/Wait Department
Originally from Victoria, Jess is back for her 2nd season at Ski Rider. Her first was in 2017, before she took... Read More
Front Office Staff
Megan has worked at Ski Rider for 6 seasons. Megan originally started in the office as receptionist... Read More
Kitchen Hand
2019 will be Gerard’s 5th season living the snow life – his 4th at Ski Rider. To catch sight of Gerard at... Read More

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