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Bonnie has worked at Ski Rider for the past 5 seasons and we hope to see her back for her 6th in 2019! Bonnie is keen to try anything on snow!   She initially started as a snowboarder, however these days she mixes it up with skiing and whenever she can, you will see Bonnie heading out to the back country with skis or a board strapped to her back. Bonnie is a bit of an all rounder having worked in the bar and the office as well as the housekeeping and wait departments. She has also worked in our equipment hire! Bonnie says the best thing about working at Ski Rider is that while all the guests are up the hill during the day you get the bulk of the day off to explore the area. She says everyone who works at Ski Rider is there for the same reason, “to work and have a good time on the hill, so the vibe is always positive and full of energy, I come back for the days when it dumps snow, there’s this electricity in the air that you don’t get anywhere else!”

Bonnie says there is so many things to do in the Snowy Mountains. “The best day off is catching the first bus to Perisher and the last bus back, a full day on the hill! But there is also walks in the National Park, dress up nights, kayaking on the lake on a calm day, barefoot bowls in Jindabyne, movie nights and BBQs on the river. My best day on the hill would have to be one day when it absolutely bucketed snow and everyone was super pumped working that morning, even the guests were stoked. Riding through knee deep powder stashes and getting buried in snow, so much happiness that day! Another day, the Ski Rider staff had a 80’s retro dress up day and rode the mountain as a group stopping at little cafes and pubs around Perisher. Such an awesome experience to ride with a massive group of friends as it rarely happened.” Bonnie says her favourite snow accessory is paw paw ointment. “I never leave home without it!”

Bonnie staff on hill Bonnie Fancy Dress Bonnie and Staff