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2019 will be Josh’s third season. He is an all round snow sports enthusiast, snowboarding, skiing, tobogganing, back country hiking.  Josh is keen to try out more adventures his third season.

What Josh loves most about Ski Rider is the location and mix of different people.  “Working in the bar, for the last two years has given me a lot of time to enjoy the high country up here in the Kosciuszko National Park”.  Josh says he looks forward to the 2019 season because there is so much to do. “I look forward to winter at Ski Rider!, with all the activities, you never get bored”.

The most memorable experience Josh has from his time at Ski Rider in 2018 is when he had a stack off the side of Parachute while mackin’ it on a pair of blades.  “You should have seen us, we were absolutely caning, then one of my blades came off and I had no choice but to lay down and just slide.  I went off the run and into the bush …. Brendan thought I was dead … hahaha Sick!