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2018 will be Josh’s second season. He boards on a 156 Monster APO and the best flow bindings out, but thanks to Bonnie he has developed a crush on skis and looks forward to skiing more during his second season.

What Josh loves most about Ski Rider is the mix of different people. “Working in the bar, I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with everyone”. Josh says he looks forward to heading back to Ski Rider because there is so much to do. “Yes, work is the same a lot, but the options for other activities and the progression of, is endless”.

The most memorable experience Josh has from his time at Ski Rider in 2017 is doing the Kit Kat run with a bunch of staff, dressed in fancy dress in the middle of a blizzard. Kit Kat run is where you throw a Kit Kat off the chair lift and then race for the prize.

Josh says “You will get out what you put in, every trip up the hill you miss, is one you won’t get back”.