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Lauren has already completed 4 seasons at Ski Rider. In 2019 she will be back for her 5th year, and she can’t wait.

In the off season Lauren seeks adventure away from Ski Rider, for the past few years, travelling to New Zealand hiking & working across the ditch & sailing on a yacht in the Bahamas. The lure of her Ski Rider family and guests keeps bringing her back and the great vibe she experiences whenever she is here. She always looks forward to the highly anticipated first snowfall & the epic sunrises through the dining room windows during breakfast shift. “We live in such a unique and beautiful place” she says.

Lauren started out as a self proclaimed “less than mediocre” skier but now loves getting out on her 2019 DC Forever (with no rock carvings in the base – ask Loz about this & the need to wear a helmet)!  Her new DC is an absolute dream to cruise around the mountain on.

Some important advice for new staff from Lauren includes:
Work with enthusiasm, the shifts fly by (and so does the season). Enjoy whatever it is that you are doing in the moment.
Bring some ace dress up costumes, your positive/enthusiastic attitude and your love of post-mountain/pre-work power naps.  I guarantee that you’ll enjoy your season at Ski Rider so much you’ll want to come back for another one.
Be stoked, everyday and in all conditions. There is no such thing as a bad day on the mountain.