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Tully’s first season at Ski Rider was in 2016 and he has been back every year since. Tully is a snowboarder at heart but is always keen to jump on a set of skis when there’s a big group giving it a go. During the off season, you will find Tully in Japan or Canada – he plans to keep chasing Winter around the world!

When you speak to Tully he will tell you that “a great thing about Ski Rider is that the staff become like a big family because you live and work together. We have a lot of fun! My favourite thing about working there are the split shifts, the harder you work, the quicker you can get on the mountain. I keep coming back to Ski Rider because the company has a really good system in place to make work efficient and purposeful. Since the season is only 3 months, I really make the most of being at Ski Rider because before you know it, it’s over. Most staff come back to working at Ski Rider which goes to show how great the company treats you”.

“My memorable experiences at Ski Rider would have to be the days when you wake up and there’s heaps of fresh snow, everything looks different and a big group of us go out together. When everyone goes out together, you progress so quickly because you’re pushing and encouraging each other to really send it, especially in the park and the trees”.

My tip to staff is to work hard to build rapport so that you can join us coming back year after year and to remember, the harder you work, the more you get to ride!